KarenCarter       A Letter from the Director Clemson Community Care 

Dear Friends,
Clemson Community Care has been serving the residents in our community for 25 years! So as we look back on last year, we also look back over the last 25 years.

Formed in 1988 out of the faith community as a way to document and coordinate services to those in need, CCC still works to be the agency that with the faith community, the municipalities, and the community serves our neighbors who need us. We have come a long way – from the basement of the First Baptist Church of Clemson, to the old library, the old Central Post Office and in 2004 to our present building. This has allowed us to have a permanent home, a recognizable place in the community and a place to expand our pantry and our services.

We look back with gratitude to the people who had the foresight to see the need for an agency and took the leap of faith to establish CCC. We look back with gratitude to the volunteers who started with us, some of whom are still volunteering today, and the many hours they have given to us and our clients. We look back with gratitude to the community who has supported us through many challenging times. We look today at CCC and see a stable, vibrant organization with a dedicated staff, Board and group of volunteers and you – our supporters – and see that we are still striving to do the work of helping our neighbors. We look forward to the future of CCC and see a path that we hope you will continue to walk with us as we try to live out the mission set forth those years ago – to serve residents of Central, Clemson and Pendleton who find themselves in emergency situations with basic necessities of food, shelter and utilities.

Thank you for supporting Clemson Community Care for the past 25 years and come with us as we begin our next 25!

Karen Carter
Executive Director