A Letter from the Clemson Community Care Board of Directors President               Vickie100x126

Having worked in the Clemson area schools for over thirty years as a counselor, I was able to witness first hand how much Clemson Community Care does for our citizens and in particular our children.  I knew that upon retirement, I did not want the excellent working relationship with CCC to end.  I promised to give back to this wonderful organization.  I started out as a volunteer in the food pantry.  Then our minister announced that a board member was needed on the Clemson Community Care Board to represent our Church, Mt. Zion United Methodist Church in Central.  I knew this position was for me.  That was three years ago.  I am currently serving as the Chairman of the Board.  I have found that the phrase, “many hands may work light” to be true in this organization.  It runs like a well-oiled machine.

However, this machine cannot run without the support of the Community. Daily, volunteers interview clients, pick up and stock the shelves and prepare food bags. The staff works hard working with organizations like United Way to obtain funding sources, promote the program, ensure that government guidelines are followed and coordinate  the volunteers. The City of Clemson supports us in so many ways, including the opportunity for citizens to donate money to us through their water bills. Businesses donate food, money and volunteer hours. Churches and organizations run food drives and donate funds.  Local churches may place Clemson Community Care as a line item in their budgets.

Our primary financial support continues to be donations from local churches and individuals.

Clemson Community Care is a lifeline for many families in the Clemson, Central and Pendleton area.  I would hate to think what would happen to some of these families if it weren’t for the vision and support of the citizens in our area.

If you have not done anything to support us, please consider it.  Volunteer some time, serve as a board representative from your church, drop by or pick up  some food, donate to a food drive, donate money through your water bill or donate some money in someone’s honor or memory.   You would be helping to support one of the things about Clemson that should make us all very proud.

Vicki Miesbauer
President, CCC Board of Directors