Supporter’s Page

Thank you to all volunteers, donors and supporters who enable Clemson Community Care to continue to serve client needs, even in the midst of such a challenging economic environment. We are so fortunate to still have the resources to provide all of the services we offer, and we would not be in that position without your help.

Volunteer of the Year

The Volunteer of the Year for the 2016 year is Bob Douglas. Bob retired from the financial arena in Boston and after relocating to Clemson, began volunteering at CCC over 10 years ago. Our clients view Bob as sincere and compassionate. Other volunteers and staff members enjoy his dry wit, his morning greeting of “Let’s do it!” and his sports knowledge. Bob and his wife Helena have a daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter, Lily, who live in the area. An avid Clemson fan, Bob keeps us up to date on the latest Clemson Tiger news. We are so grateful for Bob’s kindness, dependability and skill and so happy that he chooses to spend his Wednesdays with us!

Thank you Bob Douglas!

Tacky Sweater Party

For the sixth year in a row, a group of community families hosted a Tacky Sweater Party to benefit CCC and the Clemson Area Arts Center. The party was held on Friday, December 15 from 7:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. at the Arts Center. Big thanks to all tacky sweater attendees!

Your Pie Pizza Hosts CCC Fundraiser

Your Pie pizza restaurant in downtown Clemson held a fundraiser for CCC during the holidays.  A portion of proceeds for any baked potato pizza ordered by a customer was donated to CCC. Owners Doug and Denise Zirbel have been supporters of CCC since their move to Clemson. Doug’s parents were food bank volunteers in their hometown, so he chooses to continue their mission of giving back through local food programs. Thank you Doug and Denise for your continuing support of CCC!

CANstruction Event Held at the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES)

NCEES is a national non-profit organization located in Clemson. The organization supports Clemson Community Care in many ways.

NCEES  is once again hosted a CANstruction event to benefit CCC. The entire staff of 76 employees are divided into two teams. Each team selected a design to build using canned food items needed by CCC. Teams received extra points for visual appeal, the most cans used and bringing in the most cans of a specifically needed item for CCC.

This year’s event had a holiday theme, and judging was held on November 3.

The NCEES staff members also volunteered their time at CCC in May to sort, weigh and box the donations from the Postal Food Drive.

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