Supporter’s Page

Thank you to all volunteers, donors and supporters who enable Clemson Community Care to continue to serve client needs, even in the midst of such a challenging economic environment. We are so fortunate to still have the resources to provide all of the services we offer, and we would not be in that position without your help.

Focusing on a monthly Food Drive

In order to help keep food inventories at sustainable levels, CCC will continue the program implemented in 2009 where each participating organization in the area focuses on an aggressive food drive during a specific month.

Contact CCC if your church group or organization is planning to sponsor a food drive.

Month Organization
January First Baptist Church, Pendleton
February  Scouting for Food
March Clemson Presbyterian Church
April Fort Hill Presbyterian Church, WSBF Springfest
May Post Office, Relay for Life
July Holy Trinity Episcopal Church
August Trinity Wesleyan Church
September St. Andrew Catholic Church and Alive Wesleyan Church
October First Baptist Church of Clemson
November Central and Clemson Elementary Schools
December Central and Clemson Elementary Schools

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